We’re Not The Same

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Night and Day.”

“Have you ever had an experience that was amazing the first time, but terrible the second time around? Or vice versa? What made it different the second time?”

It was an exciting tale of love and passion, both undying like the main heartthrob – yes, it’s Edward. I confess I read that elementary story when it came out 10 years ago, and was spellbound. I was fifteen then, an incurable dreamer who longed for her own vampire boyfriend as she read.

I left the book in a corner and didn’t pick it up again until recently. I was bored, you see, and remembered its reputation (amongst teenage girls, admittedly) for being fascinating, swoon-worthy, and the rest of it… So I read.

You can tell this isn’t going to have a happy ending. I mean, how did I ever enjoy those pages? It was bland, predictable, and I shut it after a few cringes. Twilight has been lambasted so much that, like Bieber, it’s unfashionable to hate it now. Just tolerate.

It goes to show how much we change. It’s as if I’m a different person than I was then. We don’t notice this change second-by-second, but as weeks, months, and years pass… we become someone different. The change is mostly subtle, but if I were to meet my fifteen year old self now, standing in front of me, I wonder what she would think of me? And would I know what runs through her mind?

To tell the truth, I don’t quite like where I’ve ended up today, at the ripe age of 20. It’s a good reminder to strive to be a better person. Every second. Now. 🙂



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