Marriage! Babies!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

Today I was eating muesli on the kitchen floor… Let me rephrase that: I was sitting on the floor and spooning it from a bowl. This isn’t a reflection of my family’s circumstances (the rest of ’em dine in the living room with placemats, real chairs, you know the deal), just my bad habit.

I put the bowl atop the newspaper pile, so Angelababy’s face was absorbing all the milk spills. For those of you who don’t know – and I don’t know her either, I’m quoting the newspaper – she’s a celebrity from China who just had a princess-themed marriage.

My princess days ended when my older brother made Ken have faux sex with Barbie; as for marriage, well, wait till I have a boyfriend. My parents forbade a relationship on the grounds that I needed to focus on studying (“Until when!?” “Wait till you’re 21, dear.”).

I had one anyway, but broke up because the guy was my best friend, and I couldn’t see him as anything more.

Recently I’ve started seeing someone, and my parents are ecstatic, really – I think they were beginning to worry if I was lesbian – and I’ve been thinking a lot.

For example, the idea of having children before 30. It’s good for you, good for the baby, but what about your career? Did I study for 5 years (that doesn’t include residency) only to settle down and raise kids? Do I even want kids? But after 30 the child has increased risk of Down’s and other chromosomal abnormalities.

Perhaps this is one of those things better solved when you get to it; talked out over tea with your partner.

I also think my gut is laughing hysterically on my pelvic floor. You know what? I’ll think about this more seriously after I have my first kiss.

Asian family. You know.




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